The History of Urban Beardsman

How making grooming products just wasn't enough

By Eric Bandholz


I always wanted to change the world. After several years, I'm happy to say we've left a mark in the men's grooming space with Beardbrand. We've helped many men take care of their beards, but a man is much more than his beard alone.

Back in 2012, after growing out my beard for a year I started Beardbrand with my business partners Lindsey Reinders and Jeremy McGee. It originally started as a blog & YouTube channel and evolved into a men's grooming company. We wanted to break the negative stereotypes that surrounded beardsmen and show the world that a guy can be a family man, an employee, a leader in the community and have a beard. Our mission to change the way society views beardsmen was funded from the profits of our incredible products.

Our story helped us get on Shark Tank, Fast Co, NY Times, and many other publications which allowed us to reach many more individuals. It's clear that our mission has hit a mark into today's world.

Now, going all the way back to 2012 when I first had the vision for Beardbrand, it was always intended to be so much more than a grooming company and YouTube channel. I wanted to support urban beardsmen in all their efforts in life.

To this day, we have helped hundreds of thousands of men take care of their beards, hair, and bodies by providing great products and vast educational content. We have also helped men keep on growing and become better men. We look beyond the superficial to dig at the core of what matters most in life: appreciation of your self, love of your friends, family, and strangers, and a drive to always improve.

We have educated men and provided for their grooming needs; however life is much more than grooming. Now we are providing more resources to urban beardsmen to assist with self confidence and style.


Long time fans of Urban Beardsman will respect and appreciate the turns it took to get to this point. The brand started off as an onsite blog for Beardbrand. We interviewed remarkable beardsmen who were changing the way society viewed beardsmen.

After the success of those articles, we spun the section off into it's own independent blog. Becoming an independent media site allowed more freedom with the content we could discuss and provide more guidance to our readers than just grooming care.

Unfortunately as an independent, bootstrapped company we haven't always had the bank account to support our big ideas and ambitions. Through hardwork, sacrifice, and discipline we've built the infrastructure required to launch this ecommerce store.

We are now leaveraging the relationships we've built and the knowledge we've gained from reviewing products and giving style guidance.

Not just another ecommerce company selling mass produced junk.

If we were going to get into ecommerce, we wanted to do it right. We know everything under the sun is available on Amazon, so that's why we decided to start looking for products where the sun didn't shine - our closets.

Personally, I love purchasing from brands who are passionate about what they are producing and manufacture to a high degree of quality and style. So, our strategy is to start with what we know and what we love. The products we have purchased and use every single day. To add variety we also partnered up with Carlos Costa and Jeff Buoncristiano to share their favorite items. Through the relationships we've built over the years, we've been able to bring in some very select and unique items.


Our goal isn't to become the next Amazon, Tom Ford, or ASOS. Our goal is to help Urban Beardsmen become better men. To provide more tools to him than just grooming products. We want to offer goods that we believe in, and that we know will help our customer on his own personal growth journey.

We aren't big fans of consumerism, materialism, and waste. That's why it's so important for us to find high quality items that will last over the years. Items that allow you to own just one item, rather than needing to purchase several options of the same thing. I strongly believe those types of habits are required to build financial independence.

We are so excited to have you along with our journey and when I leave this world I want to die knowing I've made the mark on society as a whole. Let's change the way society views beardsmen and keep on growing!


VISION STATEMENT: To live beyond the beard.

MISSION STATEMENT: To offer proven products which have been dilligently selected from storied brands.