Rubber Killer + James McCabe

The Buoncristiano Kit


Plus VAT & Duties

An exclusive kit that's the only one of it's kind. The first one to purchase this kit gets the Nicky Massive pouch for free when purchasing the James McCabe Retrograde Watch.

Skip the mini-bottles and go full-size - you've got the room. The Nicky Massive rubber and canvas pouch from Rubber Killer is a XXL wash bag designed to fit your full-size shampoos and conditioners, deodorant, hair care products, and anything else you need to round out your travel essentials. Featuring two slip pockets, a canvas wrist strap, and a durable metal zipper, this road-ready bag is built to be sleek, stylish, and tough as nails.

McCabe's HERITAGE watch is to your wrist what a three-piece suit is to the rest of your body. With Japan Quartz Multi-function movement, a stainless steel case, and a genuine leather strap, this watch will be the subtle piece of style that adds that dash of extra class to your outfit.