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The Rise (and Absence) of Beards in Sports

Image: Rob Shenk By Matt Natali From the American sports landscape to the international athlete, the lineup of sportsmen with beards is a long and (bountifully) growing list globally – and for a variety of reasons. Houston Rockets basketballer James Harden, American footballers Brett Keisel and Ryan Fitzpatrick, Canadian bobsledder Justin Kripps, and [...]

4 Things Beardsmen Can Get Away With That Others Can’t

Not all dudes are created equal, this is something I’ve been keenly aware of for years. Some guys are natural athletes, others are born leaders or possess IQs capable of taking them into any profession of their choosing. I, on the other hand, can grow a beard. It may not seem like much, but as I get older and more of my friends experiment with their facial h[...]

Essential Boot Care for the Beardsman

Photo courtesy of Helm Boots With so many boot options during the cold-weather season, investing in a sturdy pair not only steps up your style, but secures your path against the elements. From handcrafted premium leather, to medium and lower grade designs—proper care is key to preserving their lifespan. Take a crash course with our boot care cheat sheet to [...]


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