David Beil

Face It – The Beard Is Here To Stay

There seems to be an endless debate over the “beard trend” with many folks questioning when it will end. Well … 0 638

The 7 Best Beards of the US Olympic Team

The Olympic Games have a way of bringing out the most enthusiastically patriotic aspects of ourselves. We brim with pride … 0 726

The Urban Beardsman Whisk(e)y Guide

Whisky, bourbon, scotch, it’s all the same, right? Many times we treat them as interchangeable and don’t pay much attention … 0 533

Get Textured Hair

Getting cool, natural looking textured hair might seem like a challenge, but with the right products and a little patience, … 0 726


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Beardbrand Launches First Hair Product

Have you ever wished your locks could look as luscious as they do after hanging out at the beach, year … 0 300
Matt Barber - European Beardsman

Why is your beard hair so different from your head hair?

It’s a valid question, and one we’ve all asked at least once as beardsmen – why in the world is … 0 653
Dominik Berberich

What Is Beard Tinting?

It’s not as drastic as dying it, but it’s not as easy as just going au naturel. It’s beard tinting, … 0 1065

New Zealand School Battles for Beards

Most of us beardsmen remember – or know – the struggle of school dress codes. From clothing to haircuts, there … 0 534

Beardbrand Launches New Wash and Softener

Today, Beardbrand is launching their brand new Lumber Yard and Urban Garden beard wash and softener, and completing their White … 0 397