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By Max Bonem Having a great beard is determined by a number of factors. Fate, genetics, and resolve each come into play, but even if you’re lucky enough to grow thick and hearty facial hair, it’s easy to feel confused or lost when it comes to the best way to treat your beard. Lucky for us, beards have never been more popular than they are today and there [...]

Can a Beardsman Climb the Corporate Ladder?

By Justin Nall My name is Justin Nall, I am 33 years old, married, have twin boys, and I am an Urban Beardsman. I didn’t always used to be, publicly at least. I was blessed with the ability to grow a beard at the age of 15, and through high school and college I had a beard because I could, and because it was badass. When I graduated college and started[...]

A Beardsman’s Travel Guide To Austin

Photo by Eric Bandholz Welcome to Austin, TX: land of barbecue, keepin’ it weird, and, say what you will about Portland and Brooklyn, beards. Much like our friends to the northwest and northeast, Austin has become a destination city for everyone from young professionals looking to have a fun long weekend to hipsters a’plenty looking to escape the temperatur[...]


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