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Men's Style Guide: The Art of Mixing Patterns

Chances are you may have encountered this issue before … Be it the shirt and necktie conundrum of what patterns work together or trying to navigate assembling a check suit with just the right pair of stripe socks. The art of pattern mixing can be mastered by following a few simple rules. To illustrate these style commandments we will be using the ubiquito[...]

6 Beard Products You’ve Never Heard Of, But Just Might Need

Whisker Dams This product is damn cool! Mustache mugs are awesome, and here’s a convenient way to turn any mug/glass into one. The Whisker Dam is like armor for your ‘stache, protecting you from having those embarrassing moments when more of your drink lands in your facial hair than in your mouth. Its small size makes it convenient for carrying with you on [...]

5 Real Reasons Guys Grow Beards

By Max Bonem Photos by Tommy Cairns Beardsmen are revered as masculine, tenacious, and resourceful. Or at least that’s how we hope we’re being perceived. With the lore that’s built up around the modern beardsman in recent years, more and more formerly clean-shaven gents are letting their razors take a sabbatical and embracing the hairier side of life. [...]


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