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Tim Melideo

Tim Melideo: Founder of Tim Melideo Photography Ever since the age of fourteen, this week’s fun-loving Urban Beardsman, Tim Melideo was cer...

David Grega

David Grega – Co Proprietor / Winemaker at Carlotta Cellars & Sommelier. Many of us have experienced that uneasy question when we gradu...

Asher Moss

Asher Moss – Art Photographer/ Director The old adage – “all work and no play” is pretty consistent in many people’s lives, but not so with...

Pachi Tamer

Pachi Tamer – Photographer & Philanthropist You know the saying not to judge a man until you’ve walked a mile in their shoes? Well, thi...


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5 American Heritage Brands for Beardsmen

Heritage brands across the United States are having their moment. Historic denim producers, leather workers, and work boot designers from New York to San Francisco are leading a renaissance in men’s style, all of which is rooted in our desire to connect with American craftsmanship. Additionally, in a time where everything in our lives is more immediate, more[...]

A Deeper Look into Urban Beardsmen

Welcome to this fine internet establishment that curates all things urban beardsman. As you dive in, you're probably wondering, "What the hell is an urban beardsman?" Well, first things first. No urban beardsman is the same - but that being said, we do have some unifying traits. Let's break it down a little bit. What is a beardsman? This one is pretty sim[...]

How to Rock Bold Socks

By Matt Forster @mattyfo14 A beard is a bold statement. It defines personal style as much as any piece of clothing. Good style, however, doesn’t stop at the neck. Small changes can go a long way to impacting your overall appearance. Few changes are so easily wrought as the right pair of socks. From sunny days with friends, important meetings with the [...]


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